This new international police series will build on the success of Scandinavian crime series, taking it to a new level, and spreading Nordic-Noir style and quality over the continent, working exclusively with top-creatives such as director Kathrine Windfeld and Kasper Gaardsoe, director of photography Morten Søborg, art director Knirke Madelung or production designer Søren Gam.

The story of 'THE TEAM' follows the members of a new European Joint Investigation Team: Harald from Denmark (Lars Mikkelsen), Jackie from Germany (Jasmin Great) and the Belgian Alica, portrayed by Flemish actress Veerle Baetens.


Filming started on October 21, 2013 in Copenhagen, with a total of 133 days of shooting in Denmark, Belgium, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.
Co-produced for Flanders by Ghent-based Lunamine, the series will be partly shot in Flanders.

Producers: Lunamine, Network Movies, Nordisk Film, Super Films
Directors: Kathrine Windfeld, Kasper Gaardsoe
Morten Søborg, Jan Pallesen

Network Movie, Nordisk Film, Super Films




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