Robby Toby's Fantastic Voyager - original title Robbi, Tobbi und das Fliewatüüt - is a German childrens's film based on a much-loved TV series from the 1970s.

Bobbi is a 10-year-old-boy who loves to invent things. One day, after a big explosion Robbi discovers Tobbi a little robot who has been separated from his parents when their space ship crashed. Despite the best effort of the wicked Sir Joshua and his henchpersons Brad Bloodbath and Sharon Silencer to capture Robbi, the two friends build a car that can operate on land, sea and air and set off in search of Robbi's parents.

Director: Wolfgang Groos
Writers: Jan Bergre, based on the novel by Boy Lornsen
Producers: Wüste Film (DE), Walking the Dog (BE), Studiocanal Film (DE)
Cast: Arssseni Bultmann, Alexandria Maria Lara, Sam Riley, Friedrich Mücke, Jördis Triebel, Bjarne Mädel, Ralph Caspeers

Premiere in Germany: December 2016

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