Rintje is a puppy dog with a good nose for adventure and is enterprising and strong-willed. The fox terrier discovers the world the same way as a child which makes him recognizalbe, sweet and touching. And like a child, he goes to school for the first time, celebrates his birthday, has a loose tooth, stays at grandma's and gets his first injection. Rintje loves pulling pranks on his mother and his friends. He ends up in awkward situations all the time. This 26-part animation series for children from three to six is based on Sieb Posthuma's popular children's books.uma.

Director:  Steven de Beul, Ben Tesseur
Script: Mieke de Jong
Genre: stop motion animation
Release: 2016
Length 26 x 5 min Dutch
Producers: Derk-Jan Warrink, Leontine Petit - Lemming Film, Dries Phlypo - A Private View
Co-producers: Beast Animation (BE), A Private View (BE)
Broadcaster: AVROTROS
Main cast: Guy Clemens, Georgina Verbaan en Nasrdin Dchar
Financiers & funds: Ontwikkeling gesteund door het Mediafonds



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