“La Part Sauvage" tells the journey of Ben, a 28 year old offender going through an existential crisis. The film starts as he gets out of prison were he spent 3 years after a robbery and were he converted to the Islam. Now free, he wants to learn how to pray and aspires to become e a good mechanic. But what he wants above all is to reconnect with his son Samir. Between small work and petty crimes, Ben will lead a fight to resist hatred, to recreate the relationship with his son, and regain his dignity as a free man.

Director & Writer: Guérin van de Vorst
Cast: Vincent Rottiers, Sébastien Houbani, Johan Libereau, Walid Afkir, Salomé Richard
Producer: Benoit Roland (Wrong Men)
1st AD: David Baldari
Director of photography: Joachim Philippe
Production designer: Laïos Hendrickx
Casting: Michael Bier, Doriane Flamand
Costumes: Frederick Denis
Image editor: Nicolas Rumpl
Sound: Fabrice Osinski, François Aubinet, Charles De Ville, Philippe Charbonnel
Music: Manuel Roland, Maarten Van Cauwenberghe

To be released in Belgium in 2017


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