Shot in 3D, this series has been produced over a three-year period, with crews witnessing firsthand the devastation of significant storm landfalls like Sandy, Isaac and Haiyan. Collaboration with a team of world-class scientists sheds more light on this lethal phenomenon than ever before.
The series is directed by Andy Byatt, who directed a number of episodes of the successful BBC wildlife documentaries Blue Planet and Planet Earth.

Hurricanes, the strongest storms on earth, can inflict losses of billions of dollars and thousands of lives. Beyond the obvious hype that surrounds these dangerous events, are stories of significance to society, nature and the future.

This series comes as a complement to the feature documentary, HURRICANE, which will be released by Studio Orange/Paramount in France in 2015.

Director: Andy Byatt
DOP: John Jackson
Production: Arte France & Saint Thomas Productions in coproduction with Climax Films and 3Net

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