With Belgium in economic turmoil, youths are the first to be hit, forced to live in squatter areas and literally beg for jobs. The homeless Jonas devises surreal strategies to survive. This satirical comedy imagines a dystopia that feels very close to home.  

Some forty years ago, the punk movement emerged in England among disaffected youth suffering an economic crisis, unemployment and disillusionment. What if that also now affects millennials? Generation B imagines a dystopia where Belgium has lost Standard and Poor's cherished A rating, downgraded to a shameful B. But baby-boomers desperately want to cling onto their remaining privileges, leaving the young literally begging for jobs and sleeping on the street. 
In Brussels, Jonas struggles to get his life together and his girlfriend back. He then meets strange characters who quietly prepare a revolution against their elders. Stand-up comedian Joost Vandecasteele mocks the generation gap, consumerism and apathetic millennials. His ragtag and proto-punk world is painfully plausible. Channelling his anger means not joining a rock band but a call-centre where others want to humiliate you - old-fashioned rebellion has morphed into a mix of neurotic resignation and comic action.

Director: Pieter Van Hees
Producer: Marijke Wouters, Saskia Verboven, Pieter Van Huyck, Kim Vandercruyssen
Production Company: De Mensen
Writer: Pieter Van Hees, Joost Vandecasteele
Cinematography: Brecht Goyvaerts
Editor: Koen Timmerman
Production Design: Johan Van Essche
Sound Design: Jan Deca
Music: Nico Renson
Cast: Jeroen Van der Ven, Ella-June Henrard, Efrat Galai, Eva Binon, Katelijne Damen, Jeroen Perceval, Mungu Cornelis
Language:English, French, Dutch

World Premiere January 2017

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