Twin babies are separated at birth. The girl grows up in a middle class environment, her brother in a street gang. Twelve years later, their paths cross again and they discover their common destiny, imposed upon them by the adults. It is the beginning of an exciting journey to the discovery of their roots and their independence, but neither of them is able to escape the past...

Director & writer: Wim Vandekeybus
Bart Van Langendonck - Savage Film
Peter Bouckaert - Eyeworks (BE), Olivier Rausin  - Climax Films (BE), Laszlo Kanto - UJ Budapest Film Studio (H), Petra Goedings - Phantavision (NL), VRT/Canvas

Galloping Mind is the first fiction feature film of Wim Vandekeybus, shot in the Summer of 2014 in Hungary and Romania. Release in Belgium on 2/9/2015.

Realised with the help of :