For this new series DE RIDDER, VRT’s internal production house is working together with Eyeworks Film & Drama.
DE RIDDER is due to be broadcast as of October 13th, 2013.

While following public prosecutor Helena De Ridder in her daily struggle for justice with a human face, we discover that law and justice are not always synonymous. As public prosecutor, Helena De Ridder does not only lead the investigation, she also explains the case and suggests a sentence during the trial. As she follows each case from initial accusation till final sentence, she is the only one who has a complete picture of the entire judicial procedure, which is exactly what this new crime series focuses on.

Director: Tom Goris (Witse, Flikken) en Lars Goeyvaerts (Emma, Thuis)
Writer: Rik D'hiet (Flikken, Het Goddelijke Monster, Zot van A., Marina)
Producer: Eyeworks Film & TV Drama - VRT
Actors: Clara Cleymans, Dahlia Pessemiers Benamar, Michaël Pas, Michaël Vergauwen, Katelijne Damen, Dirk Van Dijck, Lucas Van den Eynde, Stefaan Degand en Lynn Van Royen

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