The focus in VTM series CORDON is on people trapped within a security cordon.
Daily life comes to a standstill when one neighbourhood is cordoned off from the rest of the city to stop the outbreak of a deadly virus. When people are suddenly compelled to rely entirely on themselves the best in them comes out, but also the worst.

CORDON was entirely shot in Antwerp.

Scriptwriter of the series is Carl Joos ( 'Cops' , 'Wind 10' , 'The Alzheimer Case' , 'Dossier K.' , 'The Broken Circle Breakdown' ).
Carl Joos: "I've always wondered how I, and the people in my street would react if our daily lives suddenly stopped. Who would become a hero, who would panic, who would endure? Would lifelong friendships be formed? How long would it take for the veneer of civilization to wear off? I have been given the opportunity to combine strong emotions and violent actions in a thriller about cause, crime and punishment. A very intense writing process, which I hope has resulted in a gripping television series.

: 10 episodes
Tim Mielants (Code 37)
Screenplay: Carl Joos (Windkracht 10, Flikken, De Zaak Alzheimer, Dossier K.)
Producer: Eyeworks NV
Actors: Veerle Baetens, Wouter Hendrickx, Geert Van Rampelberg, Tom De Wispelaere, Sven De Ridder, Johan Van Assche, Mieke De Groote, Liesa Van Der Aa, Greet Verstraete, Koen De Sutter, Steve Geerts, Greg Timmermans, Mathijs Scheepers

SEASON 2 (2016)
Duration: 10 episodes
Director: Eshref Reybrouck (Marsman, De Bunker)
Scenario: Carl Joos
Producer: Eyeworks - Peter Bouckaert & Gunter Schmid
Actors: Liesa Van der Aa, Wouter Hendrickx, Johan Van Assche, Mieke De Groote, Sven De Ridder, Mathias Sercu, Koen De Sutter, Nabil Mallat, Hugo Van Den Berghe, Frieda Pittoors, Zoë Thielemans, Greg Timmermans, Greet Verstraete, Steve Geerts

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