Two Belgian brass bands, the Flemish Saint Cecilia and the Walloon En Avant, have both been selected for the great European final. The Walloons are blown into the final by Hugues, their exceptionally talented and handsome trumpet player.
When Saint Cecilia's soloist drops dead on stage, Elke, daughter of the band's conductor Joseph, has the solution: let's buy that Walloon super talent out. 
'Brabançonne' is a musical romantic comedy about Belgium where all possible means are used to outdo the other: double-crossing, schmaltzy songs and even love.

Belgium - 2014
Genre: musical - romantic comedy
Director: Vincent Bal (Minoes, Nono, het ZigZag Kind)
Screenplay: Vincent Bal, Pierre De Clercq (Flikken, Windkracht 10, De Dwaaltuin)
Producer: Eyeworks Film & TV Drama
Actors: Amaryllis Uitterlinden, Arthur Dupont, Jos Verbist, Tom Audenaert, Marc Peeters, Koen Van Impe, Kasper Vandenberghe, Rilke Eyckermans, Erika Sainte, Marc Weiss, Ivan Pecnik
Release: December 10, 2014


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