BOWLING BALLS is a black action comedy, a western without cowboys but with tough guys, sexy bitches and roaring engines.

Hidden deep in the middle of nowhere you will find the clubhouse of the motorcycle club the Bowling Balls.
The club's prez is Mon Dewilde, an ex-tax inspector. The Bowling Balls pride themselves on being
as fearsome as the Hells Angels and the Outlaws. Unfortunately the club's members are far less intimidating.
They sell stolen vehicles, but have to face strong competition from a rival gang, the Banana Knights.

Director: Marc Punt
Philippe Van Volsem

Production Company: I
ndependent Films
Nathalie Meskens, Wim Opbrouck, Filip Peeters, Herwig Ilegems, Jonas Van Geel, Charlotte Vandermeersch, Peter Van den Begin, Sven De Ridder, Manou Kersting, Silke Becu, Peter Thyssen, Jenne Decleir.

Belgian release: December 2014

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